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When immigrants decide to return to their country


Since the dawn of humanity, people have been on the move either to ensure their safety or to look for better living conditions. Nowadays, thanks to technology, traveling and transportation have become easier and more accessible than in the past, which, in combination with the increased access to information and the improvement of communication, facilitates migration. However, whatever the reason for migrating might be, war, poverty, natural disaster, educational opportunities, professional ambitions, and so on, for many people, migration is not a journey that ends in the destination country, neither a permanent resolution, but rather a temporary compromise with the ultimate goal being to one day return to their country of origin. For some others, though, return is something they will be forced to do despite their will if their plans do not work out. Return migration, regardless of whether it is voluntary or forced, can be challenging, as people need to readapt to the culture and society of their country of origin and re-establish or strengthen their ties with the community. The aim of this e-program is to help people who decide to immigrate back to their native country have a smooth transition in this new chapter of their lives. However, before we do so, it will be helpful to understand a little more the concept of return migration in order to gain a full picture.

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